As you may be aware the FCA has recently brought proceedings to court in relation to certain insurers and specific policy wordings, the insurers involved are:

  • Arch Insurance (UK) Ltd.
  • Argenta Syndicate Management Ltd.
  • Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc.
  • Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd.
  • MS Amlin Underwriting Ltd.
  • QBE UK Ltd.
  • Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc.
  • Zurich Insurance Plc

It may be that your underlying insurers for your specific policy was placed through an underwriting agency who had worked with these insurers, however the specific policy wording brought to court as per the following list:

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The purpose of this was to in bulk provide clarity in this very complicated set of circumstances for policyholders in these unprecedented times.

The outcome of this case following appeals from the insurers in question was concluded on 15/01/2021 in the supreme court details of which are on the below link:

Supreme Court hands down judgment in FCA’s Covid-19 Business Interruption Test Case | Insurance notes (

This is an extremely complicated result and leads to the possibility that some customers who have not been able to claim thus far can submit a claim under their policy. I would like to re-iterate that contrary to the reports in the media, this does not mean that every single policyholder can make a claim.

At Commercial Direct we strive to provide information where possible and to keep our customers informed with various newsletters. We understand this has been a traumatic time and this conclusion will bring about some closure to some of our customers.

Please do keep an eye on the government website for business support packages, this is being regularly updated:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business support – GOV.UK (

Please note that you may be required to provide proof in certain circumstances so please see below an addition guidance which has been issued by the FCA:

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Apologies for the contrary nature of the next steps, however in order to streamline this process we have prepared the form below which you will need to complete online and submit by uploading any supporting evidence and this will be passed onto your insurers promptly and they will contact you directly:

Thank you for your continued custom and we look forward to working with you in the future:

This form is for business customers making a claim for property or business interruption as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

If you have any supporting documents you would like to provide please upload them below on the link provided

Please enter your policy number *

Name of policyholder*

Trading name (only if applicable)

Email address*

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Date of loss*
If unsure of the date of loss please enter the date your business first started to be affected

Are you VAT registered?*

Have you had a confirmed case of Coronavirus / Covid-19 in any one of the following, whilst on your premises
(Please select all that apply, or leave blank if you have had no confirmed cases)
 Yourself or a family member / someone you live with An employee A visitor A Customer

Has there been a confirmed case of Coronavirus / Covid-19 nearby to your premises? If so please provide details*

Have you had any testing carried out for the presence of Coronavirus / Covid-19 in your premises? If so please confirm when and why this was carried out*

Please confirm whether you have been required to close your premises for a Coronavirus related reason - if so from when, for how long and why?*

Is your enquiry in relation to a claim for losses you have suffered / are suffering, or in relation to potential future losses due to Coronavirus?*

Please provide details of how your business has been affected, in as much detail as you’re able to*

Supporting Documents (In PDF format)